Possums are restricted animals, but they can wreak havoc on your premises. Moreover, you cannot use poisons or chemicals to kill them. How can you restrict their activities? If you are facing possum infestation, then this post is for you. Where we are going to share ten easy tips for possum pest control Pakenham. If none of these suggestions works, then consult a certified possum catcher in your locality for a headache-free and smooth service. Without wasting time, let’s dive in:

Possum Removal Pakenham

10 Best Possum Pest Control Tips in Pakenham

1. Seal Off Potential Entry Points

Inspect your property at least once a month to identify the potential entry points. Usually, possums can enter through surprisingly small gaps. Inspect your home for any holes, cracks, or openings in the walls or roof. Seal off these entry points using metal or wood. Besides that, seal the gaps and crack around the doors and windows to prevent indoor pest infestation. If you do not have time, consult a Pakenham pest control expert for thorough inspection and personalised suggestions.

2. Keep Food Sources Safe for Pest Control

Possums are opportunistic eaters! They are always searching for food, and they can contaminate foods if you leave the foods uncovered. How can you discourage them? Please avoid leaving pet food outdoors overnight and store trash bins securely. Use tightly sealed containers and do not leave fruits or vegetables on the floor. Do you have a garden? Install fencing around plants to deter hungry possums.

3. Remove the Attractive Shelter Area on Your Property

Possums seek safe spots to rest during the day, and if your property offers such areas, they may decide to stick around. Remove clutter, piles of debris, and overgrown bushes or shrubs where possums could hide. If you have a shed or garage, ensure it remains closed at night for pest control Pakenham. Besides that, trim tree branches that hang close to your house. In this way, you can make your property less inviting to these nocturnal visitors.

4. Apply Safe Possum Repellents

Natural repellents and commercial tools are good for deterring possums. You can use commercial tools like motion-activated lights around your property. When possum comes near the tools, the light will switch on, and it discourages the pests from entering your premises. Another effective method is using strong scents that possums dislike. Peppermint oil, ammonia, or garlic-based sprays are good as pest and insect repellents. However, you have to apply these repellents regularly. Otherwise, consult a pest control service Pakenham for more suggestions and preventive tips.

5. Set Up Traps Humanely after Pest Inspection Pakenham

Most DIYs offer temporary fixes. If you are facing a severe infestation, then you need to use humane traps to catch them and then release them far away from your property. It is better to conduct a thorough pest inspection Pakenham before setting the traps. Please check local regulations before attempting this or consult a local certified pest control Pakenham expert for the task. If you do it alone, handle the trap carefully, wear gloves, and release the possum in a suitable location. Please ensure you release them far away from any human settlements to avoid problems for yourself or others.

6. Install Ultrasonic Devices for Pakenham Pest Control

Like motion-censored tools, ultrasonic devices are good for the same purposes. These emit high-frequency sounds that humans cannot hear but are uncomfortable for possums. Simply plug them in your garden. Let the sound waves work their magic in keeping the critters away!

7. Secure Your Roof from Possum Attacks

Possums are expert climbers! You should not underestimate them. They may access your home through overhanging tree branches. That is why you need to protect your roof by installing spikes along the edges to prevent them from gaining a foothold.

8. Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper

Possums dislike strong and spicy odours, so cayenne pepper is an excellent natural deterrent. Sprinkle the powder around your garden, trash bins, or any other infested areas. However, like other natural repellents, you need to reapply it after rain.

9. Use Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Here is another DIY tool! A motion-activated sprinkler system- the sensor detects movement and activates the sprinkler, delivering a burst of water. This humane method is highly effective for Pakenham pest control and keeps rodents, possums and many other pests away.

10. Trained your Pet Dog for Pest Control Pakenham

If you have a trained pet, you have less chance of pest infestation. Generally, dogs and cats have an instinct to deter rodents or possums. Their presence and barking discourage pests from entering your property.

Searching for an Effective Possum Pest Control Pakenham?

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